... in grammar and pronunciation,

and do you want to speak freely in your own sentences?

“It is easy to start a foreign language. It takes only practice and living abroad to get fluent. To learn the last (!) 5% and to speak without mistakes, however, you will need a completely different approach.”

“I have been living in Germany for years. I have gone through all levels and sustained the necessary exams. Nonetheless, I still make too many mistakes as to get a serious employment in my profession.”

Do you remember how you started learning German? If you are like many students, you probably were full of optimism. Maybe you had a nice teacher. The lessons were interactive. You got good explanations of the complicated German grammar. You completed textbooks and  passed tests. Maybe you were even in Germany for an intensive course.

But now you feel you're not making any progress. There are always the same mistakes: the terminations to the dative and the accusative, the word order in the sentence. You can not get rid of your accent. And, most unpleasant: you can not express yourself freely, when the memorized sentences no longer help you.

You do not see the point of signing up for a usual German course, or of buying a new textbook - again.

Through the GO method you will get an efficient system with a guarantee to eliminate your mistakes. And you learn how to express yourself freely through your own sentences - as a native speaker.

We will focus exclusively on the main sources of mistakes in speech and sentence making. We will not deal with games, songs, nor with exercises that just eat up your time.

You will complete guided speech exercises, along with me, in which you will build sentences. Almost indefinitely. And you can easily correct yourself.

On my platform, I offer you something that makes other teachers and language schools angry. By joining a single level, I give you not only lifetime access to all the materials and benefits (which I regularly update), but I also assist you personally until you have achieved your goals. As long as you do need my assistance, you can always turn to me personally to correct your texts or audio.

So, I'm also interested in getting results!

I am a native speaker, born in Hamburg, graduated from Hamburg University (Educational psychology) and have been teaching German for more than 15 years. I have hundreds of former students who have been successful thanks to their excellent knowledge of German.

I trust your abilities, and together we will get to speak freely (not like a parrot with memorized sentences) in any situation, and even a language as hard as German.

If you have more questions about the course, contact me at gerhard.j.ohrband@gmail.com.

Take advantage of a 30-minute free Skype consultation without the commitment to make a decision: to determine at what level you are or just to receive personalized guidance. Scheduling by e-mail.

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Psychologist and German language teacher

Gerhard J. Ohrband

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  • Direct and unlimited contact with the teacher

  • The teacher speaks English and can check if what you say in German corresponds to what you meant

  • Access for life

  • All materials are downloadable in audio, video and text formats

  • The teacher can personally check you how you write and speak

  • You can contact the teacher also from abroad



Daniela Mârzac

Surely the best choice for German courses! Learn German quickly, according to your own needs, applying grammatical rules in building your own sentences, using daily routines and self-discipline. For me, personally, the main advantage was the various and advanced conversation themes, absolutely necessary for integration and functioning in a foreign society.

Cristina Burucenco

Interesting, flexible, a bit shocking, but never monotonous - this is how Mr. Ohrband's German lessons can be characterized. I have learned to work very independently, I have learned new ways of working, which I apply now in practice.


Octavian Cazac

I started learning German alone, through various mobile applications, but seeing the grammar is too complex I decided to use a teacher. Mr. Ohrband's lessons helped me reach a new level. In particular, he provided me with a structure, a learning strategy that helps me to continue to improve my knowledge in the long run.


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